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About Us
During 1994, Sri Ambika Prasad Das, a young journalist decided to publish a newspaper from Tulasikhetra, Kendrapara to bring the demands and grievances of the general public. The ‘Orissa Express’ owes its origin as a maiden endeavour of Sri Das, who owned, published and edited the Newspaper. During 2006, the publication became weekly and subsequently as a mid-day daily. The year 2009 transformed the publication as a highly acclaimed daily newspaper when the rights of the newspaper were taken over by M/s. Radha Krushna Publications Pvt. Ltd., Bhubaneswar (Managing Director - Smt. Suchismita Das). The enlarged and revamped edition of ‘Orissa Express’ came to limelight on 05.11.2009, when it carried various news items encompassing broad spectrum of the happenings around the World, features covering social and political issues and a laughter chapter. Both the Renovated edition of Orissa Expres (i.e. Bhubaneswar and Kendrapara) was inaugurated by the Governor of Odisha, H.E. Sj. Muralidhar Chandrakanta Bhandare in the Abhisek Hall of the Raj Bhawan. A professional having 35 years of experience in newspaper publication Sri Umapada Bose associated as the Editor of the newspaper & one of the Director of the Company and Sri Ambika Prasad Das became the Executive Editor of the publication and Executive Director of the Company. The name ‘Orissa Express’ was changed to ‘Odisha Express’ from 13th March, 2012 in conformity with change of the name of the State from ‘Orissa’ to ‘Odisha’. Today, ‘Odisha Express’ is the most acclaimed newspaper by the cross section of the Society, who adore the publication for its rightfulness and independent views.